Culver Capital Investment Banking

Pharmaceutical Services

The Engine of Tomorrows Medicine

“There is an increasing need to provide critical services across the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Outsourcing key activities such as pre-clinical and clinical research, manufacturing and data support will continue to grow significantly as companies expand globally and strategically”.

-          TPG Biotech Venture Fund

Contract research organizations (CRO’s) have become a major player in the biotechnology research field. The recent explosion of CRO’s do to clinical trials and decreased in-house R&D has made CRO’s a prime target for private investment. With growth comes increased competition however. To compound this problem, small- to mid- size CRO’s have to compete with established and strategically situated CRO market leaders. Having a management team with experience in the pharmaceutical services field who also possess a global network of established investors is the CB advantage that will help an up and coming CRO attain capital.

Based upon market needs, competition and strategy, below are examples of pharmaceutical services/CRO’s CB represents

  • Pre-clinical
  • Clinical (phase 1-3)
  • IND based research
  • Manufacturing (formulation to commercial production)
  • Bionformatics/data analysis
  • Product Development
  • Marketing