Culver Capital Investment Banking


Empowering Nutrition to Fight Disease!

Nutrition is one of the most powerful therapeutic tools people can use for managing health and disease. This is a fact supported by University research. The ability to isolate and package a specific therapeutic nutrient(s) is a promising, cost-effective strategy that may help minimize the economic and social burden related to disease and illness.

Recognizing this value, CB has a network of investors with a track record of investing in various types of nutrition-based products/supplements (i.e. nutraceuticals). Depending upon market needs and product integrity, CB will represent nutraceutical/supplement companies to senior level investors. Combined with CB’s own analyst who published a peer-reviewed manuscript on the health benefits of folate supplementation, CB offers companies an unparalleled advantage to raise capital in an increasingly crowded market.

Below are examples of nutraceutical/supplement companies CB represents

  • Animal Based
  • Plant Based
  • Chronic Disease
  • Preventive Health
  • Performance Enhancing