Culver Capital Investment Banking

Medical Technology

Diagnosing and Managing Disease with Tomorrows Technology!

The integration of pharmaceutical and structural interventions to optimally manage disease at the level of the individual is becoming increasingly important. Medical device technology and device-enabled services are increasingly providing the tools and products to optimize the care for the patient, independent of location.

The regulatory and funding environment for medical technologies is rapidly evolving. Increased regulatory uncertainty and market competition has hindered capital raising for medical technology companies. To gain a competitive edge, a company needs to be represented by an investment bank that has both experience in medical technology investment as well as a global network of senior level investors. That is the CB advantage a company requires in today’s private capital markets.

Depending upon market needs and product merit, CB represents various Medical Technology  segments, such as:

  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices-Surgical
  • Medical Devices- Chronic Disease
  • Medical Devices- Preventative
  • Alternative medicine
  • Life Science Tools