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Culver Life Sciences

A division of Culver Capital Financial, Culver Life Sciences is a full-service biotechnology investment bank with over 40 years of experience in healthcare financing. Culver Life Sciences supports physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs who are building innovation-based businesses in the biotechnology life sciences. Culver Life Sciences serves the full realm of small to midsize biotechnology startups ranging from pre-clinical to clinical product development.

The Culver Life Sciences Advantage: Culver Life Sciences is one of the only known investment banks that have an in-house PhD biotechnology analyst. As a result, Culver Life Sciences is uniquely capable of identifying and packaging complex scientific concepts into terms that provide the greatest impact for investors. Combined with veteran financial management and resources of the broader Culver Capital Financial Group, Culver Life Sciences represents a biotechnology investment bank with a global presence and senior-level investor network, as well as a multifaceted understanding of distinct biotechnology market segments.

Biotechnology Segments
Drug Discovery & Development
Specialty Pharmaceuticals
Medical Technologies
Pharmaceutical Services
Agricultural Biotechnology

For more information on Culver Life Sciences , please contact:

Brandon Beagle, PhD
Technology Consultant
(714) 689-9422